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World Famous Father and Son Artists, Paul and Dante Marioni visit ACAD

nrNatali Rodrigues, disinfection Department Head

Natali was born in Kenya, nurse in 1970 to a German mother and Goan father. In 1975 the family immigrated to Canada.  Her early education was in French, German and English. These various cultural facets could have lead to feelings of disenfranchisement and alienation. Fortunately the contrary was the case: what seems like disparate cultural elements are united by a rich familial history of story telling, of retaining and reinforcing identity through language, faith and journey. 

Going against the conventional wisdom surrounding artists and craftspeople, Natali has never felt she is an outsider, or of being Other. Rather being a maker has allowed her to mark and contextualize her place within the multicultural, multi-faith and cosmopolitan community that is Canada. 

Natali’s work explores the treads that bind her family together across the globe, through the exploration of language, faith and journey. These three themes manifested themselves in works that link personal story to the larger narratives of liminal space and transformational experience.


tylerskullbwTyler Rock, Faculty

Tyler Rock has been working with glass professionally since 1989, and has been an instructor in the glass program of the Alberta College of Art and Design since 1995. He has taught workshops and lectured at schools, studios and institutions in Canada, the United States, France, Spain, and Japan.  

Rock’s work can be found in many private, corporate and public collections in Canada including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the collection of the former Premier of Alberta, the offices of the Prime Minister in Ottawa, the Canadian Embassies collection, Rideau Hall and the collection Department of Foreign Affairs.


springsummer-2006-pics-113Robert Geyer, Faculty

Robert Geyer received his BFA in Sculpture from the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver and MFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art In Philadelphia. He uses Blown, Cast and Recycled Glass to make work that intrinsically showcases the distinct properties of the material. By enacting interventions to the historic usage of glass as craft object or commercial product he is able to create objects and installations that create a tension between sculptural form and subtle phenomena through the interplay of light and visual perception. Robert is currently a Sessional Faculty member of the ACAD Glass Department.



Jim Norton Glass - Floor LampJim Norton, Faculty

Calgary born Glass Artist and Craftsman – Jim Norton studied art and glassblowing at the Alberta College of Art  & Design in Calgary, and Pilchuk Glass School in Stanwood, Washington.

Some important collections around the world have acquired Jim’s pieces.

Included among these are:
Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, AB
Petro Canada Collection, Calgary
McDougall House, Calgary
Gift from the city of Calgary to Queen Elizabeth of England
Gift from the city of Calgary to Governor General of Canada, Ray Hnatyshyn
Charles R. Bronfman Collection, (Claridge)
Esso Resources Canada Collection
Calgary Civic Collection
The Mayor’s Lunch Awards, commission, Calgary


marty2Marty Kaufman, Faculty

In 1974 Marty Kaufman traveled from Canada to Europe.  There he enrolled in a Parisian stone carving atelier.  This pivotal experience drove him to pursue a broader arts education.  He came back to Canada to attend classes at the Alberta College of Art + Design as a sculpture major.

When Marty first saw glass blowing, his imagination was captured.  This fascination prompted him to change his major to Glass, and the adaptability of glass has kept him involved since.  Marty Kaufman lives and works in Calgary.  He has been an instructor at the Alberta College of Art + Design, the Department Head of Glass, and is currently the Chair of the Fine Arts Department.  His work can be found in many public and private collections.


Mark Gibeau, Glass Program Technician


lisaLisa Cerny, Glass Program Technician

I think of my artistic practice as having two distinct focuses. Foremost , is my role as a creator and artist, and secondly is my involvement with teaching. Both endeavours intertwine to inform, and perhaps even validate the other, and I am becoming equally committed to the creative processes which, though different for each, challenge me to consider the ways in which I communicate.


October 4, ambulance 5, see
and 6 2009, this site
world famous father and son glass artists Paul and Dante Marioni will be visiting the Alberta College of Art + Design.

paulmarioni1Known as an innovator in the glass world, Paul has deeply influenced the growth of the studio glass movement in all mediums of glass. He has taught at a number of prestigious art institutions including Penland School of Crafts and Pilchuk Glass School. He is a fellow of the American Crafts Council, a three time recipient of the national endowment for the arts fellowship and the 2004 winner of the Glass Art Societies Lifetime achievement award.

His work continually challenges traditional notions of what is possible with glass. Centered, around the idea that glass is unique in its ability to capture and manipulate light, his work regularly redefines what it is possible to achieve with the material. Whether it is his unique kinetic work with glass or his ingenious use of glass as a means of studying and commenting on human nature, his work has always liberated previously overlooked possibilities for glass. He purposely leaves his work open to many interpretations. He doesn’t want to tell the viewer what to think, but rather cause them to think.

danteDante is known as one the foremost glass blowers in the world. His mastery of Venetian glass blowing techniques mirrors his fascination and respect for the glass blowing process. His love for the art of glass blowing has enabled him to transfer the idea of the traditional vessel into modern sculpture through his sensitivity to material, scale, form, color and geometry. His glass objects operate simultaneously as minimalist in appearance yet delicately complex in experience.

 Like his father Paul, Dante has taught at a number of prestigious art institutions including Pilchuk Glass School, Penland School of Art and Craft and the Northland Creative Glass in Scotland. He has received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Glass from Urban Glass in New York City and his work is in the White House Craft Collection and Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

Paul and Dante will be giving a public lecture speaking of their work at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 5th in the Stanford Perrot Lecture Theatre at the Alberta College of Art + Design.